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SureLoc Lens Non Drilled 29mm 6X

SureLoc Lens Non Drilled 29mm 6X

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SureLoc Lens

Non Drilled 29mm 6X

The Rocky Mountain RM-360 Pro has a CNC machined aluminum rail and cast cams that support an extra-large foot stirrup. The fore grip is inner changeable and along with the butt stock are also fully adjustable for personal comfort fit along with the pistol grip. Has a quick detach 3 bolt side mount quiver that comes with three Carbon Express Piledriver bolts with 100 grain field points. Package includes rail lube and T handle rope cocking device. The RM-360 Pro will accept the quiet crank cocking device (sold separately). Also comes with a standard 4 X 32 Illuminated scope and scope rail. Includes string suppressors and limb dampeners installed. Speed: 360 fps, Draw Weight: 185 lbs, Mass Weight: 6.90 lbs., Power Stroke: 12.5�, Axle to Axle: 17.5� (un-cocked) or 13.5� (cocked), Overall Length: adjustable from 34.5� to 36.5�, Kinetic Energy: 127 ft. lbs.

Fully adjustable fore grip and butt stock with pistol grip;CNC machined aluminum rail and cast cams;Extra large foot stirrup;Comes with T handle rope cocker. This model will accept the Quiet Crank cocking device;String suppressors and limb dampeners installed

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