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Wildgame Terra Cellular Camera Verizon

Wildgame Terra Cellular Camera Verizon

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Wildgame Terra Cellular Camera


Terra Cell 16-Megapixel Cellular Trail Camera. Twenty-one 850nm LEDs pair with a whopping 80-ft. detection and flash range and rapid 0.7-second trigger speed to capture even the most fleeting appearances. Plus, it automatically uploads, organizes and analyzes captured photos using the Artificial Intelligence Management (AIM) System of Wildgame Innovations� HuntSmart App, providing information detailed out by species, geolocation, custom descriptions and much more. Setup is done via QR code, so you�re ready to accept the 16:9 ratio images on your phone or computer almost immediately. Powered by a 12-volt DC jack compatible with solar power panels (not included). Adjustable tree strap included. Cable-lock ready latch (security accessories not included) helps deter theft.

16-Megapixel;80 ft Illumination range;Requires 8 AA batteries or 12 VDC solar (not included);Verizon Network;Cellular functionality is compatible with Verizon and operational anywhere cell service is available in the U.S. or Canada; 16-Megapixel Cellular Camera;App setup done quickly via QR code;Adds photos to a downloadable app in real time;Free app download on any iOS or Android device; Camera powered by a 12-volt DC jack compatible with solar power panels (not included);80 foot detection range;21 850nm infrared LEDs;0.7 second trigger speed

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